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Age. 28
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Filipino
Location Enon, OH
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date: June 14, 2007
time: 3:04 PM
mood: The current mood of cheeseyumminess at www.imood.com
eating: none
drinking: none
wearing: shorts and tee
music: none
recent movie/drama/anime : Kagen no Tsuki
recent manga: Kagen no Tsuki
reading: The Hollow Hills
chatting with: Sicar
browsing: wikipedia

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bye sis, see ya in 10 months! <3
Friday. 6.1.07 4:02 pm
My sister left for Philippines yesterday. mmya. she "moved" there for college soooo I won't be seeing her for about 10 months. =( soo sad. T.T

I wish her luck and hope she'll focus on her school work! (no partying, ;])

coz of this "college business", there'll be changes around the house. I'll have more chores to do, I'll be the oldest kid in the house, anddd... I can't do the stuff that I normally that much anymore... like sleepovers and crap...since no one's gonna take care of my sibs. urgh. succkkky.

hmmm... this summer's gonna be the best ever, though! wooot! my family and I are gonna go visit our relatives in Texas for a week! june 8-14. and my other bro is gonna stay there till august! woooooooooooooooooooooooo! sooo happy. lol. but when we come back, both my parents are gonna go to work in the mornings and stuff soo there's just me and my youngest bro at home...weeeeeeeeee! and... lol. I...Can't...cook. bwahhaa... sooo...my bro and I will just have to eat ramen noodles (that's the only thing I can cook...and rice lol.) everyday.. bwahahha.

oh. and I can't wait for my guitar lessons!! <33

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Friday. 5.25.07 11:58 pm
officially a freshman.
water balloons.
hugged 105 different people.
got rejected.
pool party.
bad rumors.
life's unfair.

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mixed emotions-
Sunday. 5.20.07 8:27 pm
lots of things happened this week.
i went to washington DC for a school trip. (may 14-18)
it was exciting and i had so much fun!
took a lot of pictures! (230+ of 'em!)
soo I'll prolly make a page for my pics :]

this morning, my family and I went to Dayton International World A'Fair.
it was fun! I got to eat korean bbq. and had my name written in japanese~
but what makes me sad today is that I broke my iPod this morning on the way to the A'Fair. I was listening to it in the car and it suddenly stopped working. I know for sure that it didn't just ran out of batteries coz I just charged it last night. I connected it to the computer and it's supposed to pop up but then it didn't.

7 school days left.
i should be happy.
but I'm not.

i hate this.

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Happy Birthday too mee!~....yesterday x]
Saturday. 4.14.07 12:17 am
woooohooo! yays! thankies for everyone who remembered! <3
yesh. I'm getting ooooolder. soooo not fun. x] but i guess i have to bear with it.
I'm sooooo excited for tomorrow's party!
imma have 10 of my friends over at my house tomorrow, then we're gonna go bowling, gonna eat some cake and ice cream, watch some movies, play DDR and all that fun stuff!! I deff. can't wait! x3

ps...sorry... didn't update for like...2 months x] I srsly abandoned almost all my blogs ><;;

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Saturday. 3.10.07 12:27 am
omgg. haven't been here in a long time!
been soooo busy these days.
anyways... UPDATE!!

• omfg! going to DC trip on MAY!
• philippines trip prolly won't be pushed through =(
• got nominated for best smile =] *8th grade awards*
• got nominated for most artistic *didn't know I was nominated till after the votings*
• won most artistic!!!
• went to few of my friends' party =)
• got a cool boo boo :D
• omfg! gonna go to a party tomorrow =DDDD

andddd random stuff =]

I DUNNO WHAT I'm saying here... but I need to update my nutang coz it was neglected!! *cries* sorry nutanggg!

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Friday. 2.16.07 10:07 pm
I am madly pissed off right now.
I'm trying to have a relaxing Friday night here at home.
But I can't do that...and my night's ruined.

Here's the story.
Well, my aunt (uhm...actually my mom's friend) celebrated her birthday today... @ my family's house... and now there's a bunch of kids here (9 kids here...not including myself)..and yea...I'm pretty friendly when it comes to kids... but... when they're BRATTY and stuff. well... I just get mad.
And when I'm mad...uhm. I say...things that are not appropriate.

Say...when a 7year old kid goes up to you and punches you, do you think you're get madly happy with that? [Oh! that kid was the one who squirted water on my face while I was talking to some adult...and he's the one who tried to break my brother's finger.] uh. I don't think so. Do you think that you'll be smiling when your almost 8 year old brother ignores and disrespects you? How about...dealing with an over reactive 9 year old girl who just fell down 2 steps of the stairs and starts hyperventilating? Don't you think that that's really annoying? Do you think that you'll be soooo pleased if your OWN brothers torture and ignore what you say?!?!

I was having a blast earlier... you know... hanging out with family and stuff... but then... those blasted kids ruined everything! I want to curl up in bed... and just you know, read and stuff... and talk to my sister... I really miss her. =( I know it's only been a day. But still! She's like the only one who really listens to me.

Oh well... I guess I have to suck it up and be an effin big sister, huh?

hating life,

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